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Located in East Indonesia, the Widi Reserve is a coral atoll archipelago that spans 10,000 ha (25,000 acres) inside a 315,000 ha (780,000 acres) Marine Protected Area.  Boasting over 100 pristine islands and 150 KM of coral reefs, it truly is one of the most breathtaking properties anywhere on Earth.

The Widi Reserve lies on the peaks of two extinct underwater volcanos; their craters now peaceful turquoise lagoons with white sand beaches that connect the island chains.  These twin volcanos sit to the West of a 3,000 m deep underwater mountain chain that stretches up to the Mariana Trench - the deepest underwater location on Earth.  The Mariana Trench’ canyons lead into the World’s longest and deepest underwater mountain range which stretches past Japan and the Philippines to Canada and along the West coast of the US.  This monolithic geography creates a marine superhighway with incredibly strong currents that push nutrients and marine life along it, coming to a natural end around Widi and its World-famous neighbor, Raja Ampat, in West Papua.  This is what makes the Widi Reserve a natural resting, breeding and feeding ground for some of Earth’s most magnificent marine species.  Over 600 rare and endangered species have so far been documented in the Reserve, with many more still to be added to that list. 

The Widi Reserve truly represents one of the most important marine habitats remaining, e
xclusively managed by Leadership Islands Indonesia, an investment company dedicated to its long-term preservation.  Led by owner and chairwoman, Natalia Perry, the team have spent several years conducting ecological and marine research and carefully master-planning one of the World’s most environmentally sensitive and low-density developments.  Designed for private members and special guests, the Widi Reserve is a secluded paradise which Natalia says “feels other-worldly, like Avatar or Atlantis”.  The Widi Reserve is set to open to its first guests next year.

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